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Good morning, everyone. My name is Liudmyla Romashchenko, and I am Ukrainian. I am a painter. My artistic talent was noticed by my father, with whom I had a very close relationship. Thanks to him, I completed an art school, but unfortunately, my father suddenly passed away, and everything that reminded me of him caused a lot of pain, including painting. That's why I stopped painting. It continued until one day when I found myself in a church and realized that I have a Father who will never die – that is the Lord God. From that moment on, everything started falling into place. I met my husband, we had a son, and I returned to painting. Initially, I painted on the occasions of celebrations for my friends. As a result, my paintings, along with their owners, ended up in the United States, Canada, France, England, Italy, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, and now there are many in Poland. After the events of Maidan in Ukraine, I actively participated in various exhibitions to support the families of the Maidan victims and those affected by the war in the east. I also participated in the anniversary celebrations of the Brodmann brand (piano manufacturer). Additionally, I took part in various creative concerts, exhibitions, and readings. In 2016, I participated in an exhibition-auction in Poland to support Christian families in Muslim countries. I also illustrated children's books. I had a multifaceted collaboration with Ukrainian writer Anna Grygorowich, with the most successful work being the illustrations for the fairy tale about the filly Camellia. We even staged a puppet show based on that story. In 2016, I participated in an illustration competition for the fairy tale "The Daughter of the Storyteller" organized by the Biedronka store in Poland. I had my exhibitions in Mińsk Mazowiecki as part of the "Painters of the Mińsk Land" project from September 7 to 30, 2018.

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